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Cafe Perfecto

#1 Colombian Coffee

The exclusive distributor of Genesis Coffee"100% Colombian Coffee"

Greatest Of The Great !

"Genesis Coffee" is a direct exporter / importer of Single - Origin, Specialty, Colombian Coffee Varieties within quota allocations. With offices worldwide, our office in Bogota handles all internal logistics, in addition to our coffee exports.

We can function as your import division for the Best Colombian Coffee In The World and can handle your requirements for both green bean for the roaster market and packaged roasted beans under our label or your own private label. Our packaging technology is state of the art, sealed, valved coffee bags.

Since we grow, process and package direct shipments from the Colombian grower to your own distribution centers in sealed container quantities, we are able to take coffee freshness to a new level executing your purchase orders for "Just In Time" releases.

Our emphasis is to provide our clients with:

* Excellent customer service
* On time deliveries
* Fair Trade

* Continuous quality control
* Numerous varieties to choose from
* Specialty Coffees
The Best Tasting Excelsior Coffee in the World

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