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Colombian Excelsior Bean Sizes
# 18
# 17
# 16
# 15
Tipo Europa
# 14



The Colombian Coffee Federation (FNC) is entirely owned and controlled by Colombia's more than 500,000 coffee farmers, (cafeteros). The coffee growers of Colombia work everyday to produce the richest coffee in the world. Since the 19th century, several generations of coffee growers have continuously improved our production process. It all starts from the seedlings and the personal care they give to our coffee trees before production. They hand pick the best coffee cherries, and obtain the coffee beans by washing and further selecting them. These precious beans are the primary source of income for more than 500,000 peasant families in Colombia.

Our hard work and our environmental diversity help us to produce the special flavors the consumers desire. The Colombian Coffee Federation makes possible for us to get a fairer return for our work. The coffee growers of Colombia offer you with pride this high quality product.