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Vanilla Beans From Madagascar
Only the best vanilla beans hand picked from the island of Madagascar is intense enough for GCMG, whose extract has long been the choice of bakers and ice cream makers. This vanilla is known as “bourbon vanilla.” The term dates from the time when Madagascar and several other vanilla-growing islands were under French rule and were called the Bourbon Islands. The vanilla beans are whole 6"-7” pods, each equivalent to approximately 1 tablespoon of extract.

There are 110 varieties of vanilla only two varieties are used commercially, Bourbon and Tahitian.

Bourbon vanilla:
Bourbon vanilla is the common name for Vanilla Planifolia. Vanilla Planifolia originates from Mexico. Bourbon vanilla cuttings were taken from Mexico to Reunion Island 1000 miles east of the coast of Africa in the 1800's and grown by the French on large plantations. Reunion was then known as the Ile de Bourbon from which this variety takes its name.

Tahitian vanilla:
Tahitian vanilla is the common name for Vanilla Tahitensis. This variety originates from Bourbon plant stock taken to Tahiti, Vanilla Tahitensis mutated in the wild and now regarded as a different species. Its appearance is smaller and its flavor is considerably different than Bourbon vanilla. Tahitian vanilla is sweet and fruity and contains less natural vanillin. It has a floral fragrance and the bean is fatter and moister than Bourbon vanilla.

Bourbon vanilla has the familiar vanilla flavor that we have come to savor in desserts and in ice cream.

Vanilla is one of the world's most labor intensive crops, second only to saffron. This explains why vanilla is so expensive.

Vanilla Beans are carefully picked at the peak of ripeness and are cured by the old Totonaca Natural Cycle by the sun. They are naturally sun sweat/cured. No hot water or steam is used to accelerate Nature's process. No chemicals are ever used. Our Vanilla Beans are 100% Organically grown and cured.

Vanilla Beans should NOT be refrigerated. Store them sealed in a cool, dry, dark place at ROOM TEMPERATURE . After some time the beans may dry out. This is a normal change. Reconstitute them by soaking them in a liquid to be used in your recipe.

Product Availability:

    Grade 1 : 7 MT available
    vanillin rate: 1.7 minimum
    Moisture rate : 22-24%
    Price: US$Call / Kg CIF NY

    Grade 2  : 3 MT available
    vanillin rate: 1.6 min
    Moisture Rate: 22-24%
    Price: US$Call / Kg CIF NY

    CUTS : 5 MT available
    vanillin rate: 0.9
    Moisture Rate: 22 -24%
    Price: US$Call / Kg CIF NY

    The size of the Vanilla is 14-20+cm
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