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"The Tee-Stick™ is a revolutionary new product.  The idea for it began with a disabled friend who is able to play golf but has difficulty bending over to tee up the ball and recover the tee.

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The Tee-Stick™ makes pushing the tee into the ground and lowering
the ball to the tee effortless. The Tee-Stick™ also retrieves the tee!"
Bob Sherburne
Inventor of the Tee-Stick™

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If you love golf, you'll never head for the course without the Tee-Stick™ again. Just secure a tee in the base of the Tee-Stick™, push it straight into the ground, then gently pull the Tee-Stick™ up to set and release the tee. The ball cradle places the ball on the tee. You can retrieve tees with the Tee-Stick™ too! Golfers with back problems and senior golfers swear by it!

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(1) Secure the golf tee into the bottom of the Tee-Stick™. Push the tee straight down into the ground. Once the tee is set, gently pull up on the Tee-Stick™ to release the tee.

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(2) Place the ball on the ball cradle and lower it to the tee.

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(3) The tee cradle is used to retrieve the tee from the ground.
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The Tee Stick™
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