Genesis Tram Survey Requirements

Commercial Trams & Trolleys Survey

Dear Client,

Thank you for your interest on our Commercial Tram & Trolley Systems. To facilitate the purchase / lease process we have created the following questions to qualify the type of equipment best suited for your needs.

Please advise the name of the purchasing / leasing company, contact person, address, pertinent telephone numbers and the location were the tram will be used (to quote freight).

You'll receive a response which provides further information on our services, costs, and procedure for continuing the quoting process. Submitting this questionnaire places you under no obligation whatsoever.

Contact Information

(We respect your privacy; your information will never be sold, rented or loaned)


* Business Name:

* Contact:

* Email address:

*Address 1:

*Address 2:

* City, State/Province, ZIP/postal code:



Tram Location Request:

* = Required

Tram Or Trolley Preferences

Would you like to acquire new or pre-owned vehicles?

Would you like to purchase cash or lease (Leasing available for USA, Canada & Mexico) ?

Tram use; indoors, outdoors or both ?

How many passengers do you want to carry?

Do you want the vehicle open or enclosed?

Handicap accessibility- ADA compliant?

Amount of grade or terrain on user's area? (some power cars cannot pull any trailers up grades, other can pull up to 2 or more).

Type of road surface- gravel, loose, cement, asphalt, etc.

How much do you have budgeted for new or used? (we have many used vehicles in stock)

Date unit would be required. (Many times this determines if you need to buy something in stock, or if you have the time to order new (90 to 150 days)

Are there any height or width constraints with your pathways? (Many times zoo's and botanical gardens will have overhanging trees, etc. that the tram must clear).

Temperature ranges at location of tram usage in F. Summer / Winter



Fuel Options:

Check all that apply

Pull-down rain curtains


P/A System


AM/FM Cassette


Air Conditioning



Other: specify below



  Note: the text will "wrap" automatically in these boxes - don't use the Enter key.

Project Budget

What is the budget for this project: $

Project Begin Date: Project End Date:

Just a Few More Questions!

Describe your "vision" of the new transportation system; what do you need the most? - what will make it unique? How can we best serve your needs? Do you have any further thoughts or questions concerning your new personnel carrier?


Please re-enter your email address for verification:  

That's enough questions for now!
Thank you for filling out this form; hopefully it helped you in your project design process.
You'll receive a prompt response with more information about our products and services.


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