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Conservation Products ECOCOAL.ORG Benetti Yachts
Chemicals Coal For Export Golf Products For Export
Crude Oil Timber For Export
Precious Stones - Emeralds
Urea WhiteSilica Sand  
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Corn USA Cocoa Beans Poultry Products Cigar Manufacturing Group
Powder Milk Rice Iron Ore Scrap Steel
Soybeans Vanilla Beans Seafood Transportation Services
Sugar Coffee Wheat  
Hard Goods
Aluminum Ingots Railroad Freight Cars
Office Equipment Trucks & Coaches
Truck Trailers  
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Who is Genesis Commodities Group?
Genesis Commodities Group, is a syndication of international corporations that involves an extensive global network to supply first quality commodities at competitive prices, by controlling all facets of the R&D, Marketing, Transportation, Raw Material & Distribution. With the following factors at hand, healthy margins are available to all of its associated firms.
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