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As a private international trade and finance firm, Genesis has built its reputation on the experience and expertise of its professional staff, its access to quality turn-around projects, and its ability to build shareholder value through strategic growth.

In providing esoteric financial engineering for Joint Ventures and workouts, both domestic and foreign firms are able to refinance their positions with low risk to themselves and their investors.

Genesis restructures start-up projects and on going concerns that have the capacity to service debt over the term of the loan. A corporation or a project with a strong future potential becomes a candidate by enabling debt and asset reorganization through internal structures in banking, insurance, credit enhancements and private risk syndications on a guarantee basis using bankable instruments to trade first tier debt to contingent debt. Thus, leading to a fully securitized Private Placement. The final analysis being, a credit facility set-up for the corporation or a project with a safety margin, that will be clear of liens or a first call on its assets in the event of a default.

Our on going experience in Central, Latin American, and Eastern European countries as third world nations and our expertise in international banking documentation, financial restructuring, and policy making would be an enhancement to your restructuring needs.

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Genesis' financial activities begin largely in an advisory capacity, primarily at the disposal of entrepreneurs, government bodies, small to medium sized companies, and other financial institutions and individuals. Profit improvement strategies, planning and development, security innovative investment portfolios, are all areas in which Genesis can be of subsequent assistance to a client.

  • Acquisitions: For clients seeking the acquisition of ongoing concerns, Genesis identifies prospective projects, screens them, and evaluates them in a report to the client. Among the criteria used for determining viability are survivability, risk versus profit margins, investment rate of return, and so forth. After the definition of strategies and criteria, Genesis may act as a negotiator, nominee, principal, and advisor on internal structuring or restructuring decisions.
  • Credit Facilities: Genesis provides various credit enhanced lending programs to qualified borrowers with immediate results, at very competitive rates.

  • Economic Development:
    Main Street USA: Redevelopment of areas that have suffered economic stress within the last few years due to the depressed global economy.Genesis sees the United States of America as one of its key markets for redevelopment of Main Street venues via a creative financial management strategy. Genesis is launching a global placement of its proprietary financial structure to develop a steadfast platform via its membership program.

  • Program Guide / Credit Enhancements GC utilizes its global assets, investor relationships and credit facilities to deliver the products described further in this booklet (PDF File) CIS
    Performance Bond (PB or PGB)
    Documentary Letter of Credit (LC or DLC)
    Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
    GC can also provide credit enhancement to your financial transactions, with the following types of financial instruments:
    Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
    Bank Guarantee (BG) and/or Monetizing.
  • Foreign Exchange Services: Genesis’s Foreign Exchange Options Group responds to this need. A world-class provider of risk management expertise, Genesis holds a prominent position in the global foreign exchange markets.
  • International Emerging Markets Debentures: Facilitating via U.S. markets credit enhancements and risk syndications for qualified Sovereign Debt issues.

Investment Facilities

Other Facilities
  • Third Party Services: Genesis base of representative offices and independent contacts provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and an inroad to resolution of unexpected or unforeseen problems.
  • Asian Markets: In 2005 Genesis introduces its China based facility, providing international companies with complete logistics on the Asian marketplace.
  • Trustee Services: Genesis may act as an inter-alia trustee in specific situations, such as impartial remittance of funds or commissions, independent transactions negotiator, nominee Principal for contracts or invoices, and so on.
  • Turnkeys: For clients desiring to fund their own concerns, Genesis sources and structures financing on the best possible terms with regards to credit risk, liquid capital strain, security, encumbrances, and control. Financing may be joint venture capital or traditional loan structuring, at the client`s discretion. Innovative approaches to funding are often required for projects, as well as structural changes to the project itself so as to assure and improve viability or profitability.

The wide assortment of options available in today`s capital and credit markets, both whether domestic and/or foreign, provides great flexibility and varied possibilities; these must, however, be carefully scrutinized and cautiously implemented in order to attain their full benefits. Genesis`s analytical abilities and base of representatives are instrumental in the realization of an effective resources optimization strategy.

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The commodities transactions Genesis orchestrates are actual physical deliveries, not market futures, and require a careful and meticulous methodology from their inception to end user delivery.

The Company`s experience with the logistical requirements of freight documentation enables it to custom tailor a purchase-sale agreement that ensures performance and security from all parties involved. Some of our commodities include:

Mega Yachts,Sales & Chartering Services, Genesis represents on the Western Hemisphere, one on the oldest and most exotic yacht manufactures entering the millennium.

Crude Oil, allocation contracts from oil producers are secured on an annual basis for the company`s disposition.

Sugar & Alcohol, our joint ventures with Sugar Cane plantations in Brazil, assure quality and prices conforming to world standards.

Through exclusive agreement with various manufacturers, Genesis can buy and sell on a client`s behalf, and in cases where added measures of discretion are required, Genesis can appear as Principal on the client`s contracts or invoices. In such cases, Genesis may have complete signatory and negotiating power in a transaction, whether on the buyer`s side or the seller`s.

Finally, the company`s shipping ties repeatedly provide new and unexpected opportunities within the commodities market.

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World Exchanges

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A particular client must have a solid basis in their field, as well as sound financial footing. A familiarity with financial structures and instruments is of great benefit, but need not be highly specific or specialized. In any endeavor, the proper variety of resources can make the difference between a viable venture and a profitable one.

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Genesis aims primarily for projects that have the highest possible survivability rating. Also desirable are projects that have the most favorable risk vs. profitability margins, as well as a history of activity. In addition to traditional startup operations and acquisitions, enterprises that are in default or some form of receivership can also be of great appeal, as they provide unique opportunities for profit, in addition to the always appealing prospect of salvaging a venture that would otherwise be defunct.

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Genesis goal is the successful completion of transactions through the establishment of long term relationships, to the benefit of all parties involved. In the decade since our founding, our development has at times taken unusual or unforeseen paths. We are committed to continuing and expanding your innovative practices, the key to staying vital and dynamic in an ever changing marketplace.

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