Genesis Mega Yacht Survey

Client Survey For Mega-Yacht Sales / Charters

Dear Client,

Thank you for your interest on Genesis Mega-Yacht Division. To facilitate the Sale / Chartering process we have created below the following information data sheet for your review and to help us qualify the type of yacht best suited for your needs.

Please advise below the name of the Client / Charter Party, contact person, address & pertinent telephone numbers.

You'll receive a response which provides detailed information on our services, costs, and procedures for continuing the process. Submitting this questionnaire places you under no obligation whatsoever.

Please submit this form once completed by clicking the "Send Form" button at the bottom.

Contact Information

(We respect your privacy; your information will never be sold, rented or loaned)

* Business Name:

* Contact Name:

* E-mail address:

*Address 1:

*Address 2:

* City, State/Province, ZIP/postal code:



Charter Locations: Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Greece, New England, South Pacific & Pacific Northwest.

* = Required

Yacht Preferences

What ports are you looking to embark & disembark? Ports may be dictated by yacht size or flag.

Type of yacht , or even a specific yacht & length?

Number of adults & children in the party?

Number of separate cabins required?

Places you wish to visit? A flexible itinerary allows for vagaries of weather.

Special accommodations required? Such as nanny, staff or guests with physical limitations.

Onboard events that you wish to host? Dockside parties for large groups often are possible.

Special dietary needs?

Entertainment or communications required?

Sports equipment required?

Type of Charter: WMT, EMT, SCT & GT



Check all that apply

Satellite TV


Personal Water Craft



Other: specify below



  Note: the text will "wrap" automatically in these boxes - don't use the Enter key.

Charter Budget

What is the weekly budget for this charter? including airfare or travel to embarking and disembarking ports, vessel charter, expenses and gratuities. Understanding and figuring costs & expenses.

1st Date Possibility
Charter Begin Date: ...........Charter End Date:

2nd Date Possibility
Charter Begin Date: ...........Charter End Date:

3rd Date Possibility
Charter Begin Date: ...........Charter End Date:

Just a Few More Questions!

Describe your "vision" of the voyage; what do you need the most? - what will make it unique? How can we best serve your needs? Do you have any further thoughts or questions concerning your vacation?


Please re-enter your e-mail address for verification:  


That's enough questions for now!
Thank you for filling out this form; hopefully it helped you in your vacation process.
You'll receive a prompt response with more information about our charter services.

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